Telavi is a main city and administrative center of Georgia’s eastern province of Kakheti.


First archaeological findings from Telavi date back to Bronze Age. One of the earliest surviving accounts of Telavi is from the 2nd century AD, by Greek geographer Claudius Ptolemaeus, who mentions the name Teleda (a reference to Telavi). Telavi began to transform into a fairly important and large political and administrative center in the 8th century AD. During So called Golden Era of Georgian state Telavi turned into one of the most important center of the state. After disintegration of united Georgian kingdom  from the 15th century it became the ordinary town , only from 17th Century  Telavi regained it’s political importance and till nowadays is one of the most important city of the country.

If you decide to visit Telavi we will help you visit the places:

Alaverdi Cathedral (11th Century AD)

Ikalto Academy (8th-12th centuries AD) - where the famous Georgian writer Shota Rustaveli studied

Ruins of the city and castle ofGremi (the former capital of Kakheti from the 15th-17th centuries AD)

Shuamta -a complex made up of three churches of different periods - 6th, 7th and 8th centuries in a highland forest

The residential palace of AleksandreChavchavadze with stunning garden and Old enotheque .


Telavi is a main city of kakhetiwinemaking region of Georgia, there are many wine factories

We can arrange special wine tours, you can taste traditional wine made in traditional clay vessels.

We can organize special wine tours in wine factories and in small traditional cellars too.


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