Kutaisi is Georgia's second largest city, which is located along the both bank of river Rioni.

Kutaisi was the capital of the ancient Kingdom of Colchis. Archeological evidence indicates that the city functioned as the capital of the kingdom of Colchis as early as the second millenium BC. Several historians believe that, in Argonautica, a Greel epic poem about Jason and the Argonauts and their Journey to Colchis, author Apollonius Rhodius considered Kutaisi their final destiantion as well as the residence of Kinf Aeetes. From 978 to 1122 CE. Kutaisi was the capital of the united Kingdom of Georgia, and from the 15Th century until 1810, it was the capital of the Imeretian kingdom. In 1508, the city was captured by Selim I, who was teh son of Bayezid II, the sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

During the Seventeenth century Imeretian king made many appeals to Russia to help them in their struggle for independence from Ottomans. Only in a reign of Catherine the Great in 1768 troops of general Gottlieb Heinrich Totleben were sent to join the forces of king Heraclius II of Georgia, who, with Russia hoped to reconquer the Ottoman-held southern Georgian lands. Totleben helped king Solomon I of Imereti to recover his capital, Kutaisi, on August 6,1770. Finally Imeretian kingdom was annexed by russian Empire and city was a capital of Kutaisi Gubernia.

During Soviet Union still nowadays Kutaisi is a very important city of the country.

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Bagrati Cathedral (early 11th century),Gelati Monastery, Motsameta Church, Sataplia cave (Sataplia Natural reserve) you can observe footprint of Dinosaurs and "Prometheus" cave which is one of the richest caves of Europe. It is characterized by the variety of underground rivers and beautiful landscapes. Golden fleece cave meets all needs of International tourism level. Walking route for tourists is 1060 m. Also tourist will sail by boats in underground lake (280m). In nearby territories where are other caves speleological tours can be organized. The total length of these caves is 15 555 m. There exists absolutely every kind of form underground karsts, such as stalactites, stalagmites,curtains, petrified waterfalls, underground rivers, lake and etc.

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